Saving the Environment and Crafting ADD…

If you are like me and love crafting, I’m sure you’ve experienced Craft Attention Deficit Disorder at some point. Right now I have several knitting/crochet projects in various levels of completion that I want to work on all at the same time but unfortunately I have only two hands… It seems like when I find a great pattern or idea, 5 more find me all at the same time and I don’t know what to start first! Can anyone relate?

So I like to think that I’m environmentaly conscious in regards to the products and food I buy and use but the other day I found myself staring at an isle full of toiletries, the disposable face cleaning pads in particular and it occurred to me that someone should make washable items that can be cleaned, sterilized and reused. That someone was going to be me! So I rushed home, excited to raid my Bernat Handicrafter cotton yarn stash and jumped online to find some patterns. I settled on this great little pattern from My Sweet Somthings blog with the addition of a round of single crochet in Crown Jewels Ombre as a contrast colour to really make them pop. I also, as you’ll see below, I designed a holder that holds 14 scrubbies. I thought that was a good number figuring I’d use two per day giving me enough to get through an entire week.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t completely happy with the end product design of the first holder so I decided to take another run at it which worked out as my bestie, after seeing what I made was interested in a set for herself so version one is now hers. Starting out on version two I decided not to crochet in the round but work back and forth leaving a small gap up the side to make it easier to get the ones at the bottom as you can see below. I also decided to go with a darker colour for the centres of the scrubbies to make the inevitable makeup stains less visible. I also will be reinforcing the holder with thin popsicle sticks on the inside to give it some structure and support the edges of the front gap I added. I’ll be sure to take updated photos as I work and of course the end product.

This last photo about this project shows the scrubbies in their original pattern design and gives a closer view of the puffy flower design. These can very easily be made bigger by adding more rounds of the puffs or use a larger hook if so desired, but I find the size the pattern creates is the perfect size.

My last ramblings on this post is showing off a silk tarot card bag I designed and created a while ago. I’m still very new to the tarot game but my readings for the most part have been quite accurate. I always write them down so I can go over them later. The yarn I used is Luminance in Thoughtful from Knit Picks (of course) and is 100% silk which is one of the suggested materials to wrap your deck with to help bond your energy with the cards. I was actually just gifted a gorgeous new deck today by a good friend that I can’t wait to get comfortable and bonded so I can start doing readings with them. Well, I think I’ll leave it here for today.

Carpe Filum🐑


Unfinished Projects

Wow! Almost a year has passed since my last post. I kept telling myself, I’ll do it tomorrow but before you know it tomorrow turns into next week which turns into next month and so on. I plan to post ever week but I’m not making promises. So in the spirit of starting again on my blog, I decided to work on one of my many WIP’s. The lucky project is…

As mentioned in a previous post, this teapot cosy is a mixture of patterns designed by others and by myself. I’ve decided to make some changes to the colour scheme as you will see in more recent photos. The tea cosy pattern is where I started, but I had to adjust it a little to fit my oddly shaped tea pot and added a drawstring around the bottom to keep it snug. For the roses, you can find the pattern here, this is for the daisy and the leaf drawstring was adapted from here. Now for the changes I have made so far.

As you can see, I changed the colour of the popcorn flower attached to the lid. I liked the blue but felt the orange would be better for the over all colour scheme. The other change was the yellow butterfly on the spout. I wasn’t happy with the size and colour so I created by own pattern. I’m so happy with how it turned out and changes could easily made to the colour and wing design.

Currently I am designing some ladybugs to give it more of a garden feel. I’ll also be adding some snails, a few more small flowers and possibly some mushrooms for the sides. It’s been a great distraction lately as winter has come which means more pain then usual for me. My fibromyalgia always flares in the colder weather and I compensate with fuzzy pants, cosy sweaters, my heater, lots of blankets and of course knitting/crochet projects! As always I will update as I go and will post the butterfly pattern I created soon. Stay warm folks as the weather outside is frightful…