Rough Times…

My blog has been on the back burner for a little while due to some chronic health issues. Those of you who know me are aware I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Lupus along with a tachycardic arrhythmia (high heart beat), all of which can reek havoc on my day to day life and mobility. Managing my chronic pain has been difficult for the last few months and has left me pretty much bed/couch bound. Paired with insomnia, my life has been on a never ending loop of worsening pain and less sleep, not to mention the other symptoms that come along with my illnesses and my recent tear of my rotator cuff. I try to stay positive and motivated but that can be a difficult thing to do. I am so grateful for my loving, supportive and understanding husband who cheers me on, takes care of me on the days I can’t do it for myself and doesn’t care if I don’t get any housework done. I try to get out at least once a week for a girls night with my bestie Heather, but ultimately I have a lot of down time to fill. This is where my various crafting hobbies help me to pass the day and distract me from my pain. Obviously at the top of my list is knitting but I also dabble in crochet, painting miniatures, colouring, nail art and creating jewelry (especially working with wire lately) to name a few. Like most avid knitters, I have several works in progress (WIP’s) going at one time of varying difficulties to work on depending on my physical and mental limitations of that day. My most recently finished project is this super warm hip length cardigan from Yarnspirations.

This free pattern called Long Weekend Cardigan was knit in Mulberry Bernat Super Value yarn using my Knit Picks Foursquare Interchangeable Circular Needles . I did however make a few alterations to include buttons on the pockets and front band, as well as adjusting the pocket placement (email me for directions). It’s a great pattern, with clear directions and includes a waist length and long version too! This would be an ideal pattern for your first attempt at a sweater but also fun for an advanced knitter. I’m going to leave it here for now but I hope to talk about and share with you my current WIP’s and future projects. 📿Namaste📿


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