Unfinished Projects

Wow! Almost a year has passed since my last post. I kept telling myself, I’ll do it tomorrow but before you know it tomorrow turns into next week which turns into next month and so on. I plan to post ever week but I’m not making promises. So in the spirit of starting again on my blog, I decided to work on one of my many WIP’s. The lucky project is…

As mentioned in a previous post, this teapot cosy is a mixture of patterns designed by others and by myself. I’ve decided to make some changes to the colour scheme as you will see in more recent photos. The tea cosy pattern is where I started, but I had to adjust it a little to fit my oddly shaped tea pot and added a drawstring around the bottom to keep it snug. For the roses, you can find the pattern here, this is for the daisy and the leaf drawstring was adapted from here. Now for the changes I have made so far.

As you can see, I changed the colour of the popcorn flower attached to the lid. I liked the blue but felt the orange would be better for the over all colour scheme. The other change was the yellow butterfly on the spout. I wasn’t happy with the size and colour so I created by own pattern. I’m so happy with how it turned out and changes could easily made to the colour and wing design.

Currently I am designing some ladybugs to give it more of a garden feel. I’ll also be adding some snails, a few more small flowers and possibly some mushrooms for the sides. It’s been a great distraction lately as winter has come which means more pain then usual for me. My fibromyalgia always flares in the colder weather and I compensate with fuzzy pants, cosy sweaters, my heater, lots of blankets and of course knitting/crochet projects! As always I will update as I go and will post the butterfly pattern I created soon. Stay warm folks as the weather outside is frightful…


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