Baby it’s cold outside…

Winter is definitely here and it’s shaping up to be another cold white Christmas in the north. Just last week it was -30 C before the wind chill! Needless to say the furnace was working on overtime. A few years ago I created a pattern and knit a draft blocker for the front door, which works alright but now that my abilities have improved I think it’s time to try again. This time it will be bigger to really block that cold air from getting in and I’m adding a great basket weave pattern to dress it up a bit. It’s not much to look at yet and I’m still working on the pattern but I will be posting it when it’s finished so you can make one of your own! It will be the first pattern I’ve ever published and I’m pretty excited. So stay tuned for more. 

On a side note, with Christmas coming I went looking for old family recipes that have become traditions in our house and this year I got an extra knitting related suprised. While looking at an old cookbook my Grand had brought over from Scotland and had used her entire life I found a handwritten pattern for a dish cloth tucked away between the yellowing pages. I miss her terribly and I feel like this was her way of letting me know she still looks in on me now and again. She had tried to teach me to knit as a child and I wish I had paid more attention, but I think she would be proud of me for picking up the hobby and how far I’ve progressed. So I pose a question to you, if you are a knitter/crocheter who taught or inspired you to love yarn crafting?


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