Night Owl…

Another night spent awake in pain. Thankfully my hands are OK so I’m working on one of my orders for an owl themed hat. I made one for a friend and now I have orders for two more! I don’t  do a lot of commission work but I enjoy knitting so much and who doesn’t want to be paid for doing something they love? I used to create and sell jewelry (which I still do on occasion) but since discovering knitting it has been a less frequent activity. So here I am on the couch, watching Netflix knitting away while drinking a delicious new holiday tea I dicovered. Seems fitting for a cold snowy December night. All is quiet and peaceful save for my dog, Gizmo, snoring away. She’s my constant companion during the day and on sleepless nights like tonight. Well this hat isn’t going to knit itself…

A few more hours of work and the owl motif is now visible. For anyone interested you can find the pattern here. It’s a well written pattern that also has a crochet version. For the true owl lovers there are also patterns for fingerless mittens and a scarf.


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